What do they say about us?

What do they say about us?

One of the phrases we hear the most is “I have tried everything, but the mould always comes back”. It is a difficult sentence to listen for us, because we know first-hand what is the price that you pay for the use of ineffective products: long-term health problems, continued exposure to toxic vapours, it would impossible the use of some rooms of the house. Since the beginning we wanted to be different and offer a solution to the problem of mould to be effective, but without harming people’s health or polluting the environment. The research we carried out in specialized European laboratories led us to create a line of innovative, high-standard, non-toxic, and biodegradable products. We are enormously proud of the results, but certainly we did not stop there. Since the Atum Kit has been on the market, our mission has been to raise the awareness about the mould problem, helping families to deal with it with the right tools.

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Thousands of families solve the mould problem every year thanks to the Atum Kit.

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